Facts Of Myanmar’s Electric and Power Industry

The World Bank approved a $140 million interest-free loan to fund a more efficient power plant in Myanmar
As a first step to expand electricity for the people of Myanmar, the Bank will provide a $140 million interest-free credit to support installation of a modern, high efficiency power plant at Thaton Gas Turbine Station in Mon State. By replacing existing gas turbines with advanced combined cycle gas turbine technology, the plant will be able to provide 250 percent more electricity with the same amount of gas, reducing noise and improving the plant’s health and safety standards. The new 106 MW plant will provide electricity to both the national and local grids – covering 5 percent of peak demand in Myanmar and 50 percent of peak demand in Mon State. This will benefit local residents and businesses by making electricity supply more reliable.

Future Potential of Myanmar’s Power Capacity
Myanmar’s installed power capacity, which was 3,321.9 Megawatts (MW) in 2012 and is expected to rise to 6,553.9MW by 2021. Currently, the country has 29 power stations (18 hydropower, 1 coal-fired and 10 gas fired stations that supply electricity nationwide.

The Future of Power Transmission and Distribution Market In Myanmar
The future transmission network planned for 2011-2016 would be 44 new transmission lines, with total investment requirements estimated at USD 660 Million. 46 new substations are also planned with investment requirements of about USD 320 Million. Between 2012 and 2013, the ESE would also expand the 33kV network by 400 km, the 11kV by 360km and the 6.6kV by 250 km.

Myanmar To Generate Electricity Through Solar Power
The Myanmar electric power authorities will initiate a project to generate electricity through solar power in cooperation with a Thai company in a bid to meet the growing demand of electricity in the country in addition to sources obtained through hydro, gas and coal power. Under a memorandum of understanding signed between Myanmar's Ministry of Electric Power and the Green Earth Power Co Ltd of Thailand, the project of establishing a solar power plant capable of generating 50 megawatts (mw) of electricity will be implemented in Minbu, central Magway region. On its completion, the power plant will go into operation by 2015-16.

Solar power in Burma has the potential to generate 51,973.8 TWh/year, with an average of over 5 sun hours per day
ACO Investment Group will collaborate with Myanmar's Ministry of Electric Power to construct two 150 MW solar plants by 2016.